Hey, I'm Akeem!

I'm a freelance product designer and social entrepreneur with a passion for empowering under-served communities through advocacy, entrepreneurship and useful design. I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Babson College, where I focused on Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Design. I have collaborated with organizations like Amnesty International, World Pulse, and many more to create digital experiences loved by people all across the world.

I was born in Jamaica and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. 

I’m a jack-of-all-trades, with hard skills like front-end development, data analysis, graphic and user interface design, and effective communication skills that helps me lead ideas from concept to tangible results. 

When I’m not at work, I love to shoot photography, travel to new places, and make music. I’m a geek for all things tech, and I believe that the tools our generation has access to can affect change in the world like no other time in our history - so the responsibility to make a positive change rests in our hands!

Feel free to email me about anything, or give me a call at 860-986-8793.

Click here to download my resume.